Best Hitchhiking Backpack

Best Hitchhiking Backpack

Best Hitchhiking Backpack

Hitchhike sounds like an eerie word!!! Well, it doesn’t being unreal as of now as travel nomads across the globe keep an eye for inventive ways to make their journey at ease.

Besides the facts that hitchhiking is an absolute approach for travel nomads to wander the world on low funds, but also a root source of immense fulfillment for a daily adventurers.


Hitchhike or method of hitchhike is hitchhiking, is a terminology used by a frequent traveler for asking strangers for a ride in his/her vehicle via signaling methods which varies from region to region.

Hitchhiking ??

Signaling methods could be using either hand gestures or small banners with written signs on them.

Hitchhike on Global Scale

Undoubtedly it’s the best method for roaming around the places especially on a small budget but there are some hardships during hitchhiking most common in African & Asian countries.

Starring from the African Nation of Algerian forest in the north to Namibian desert in the south there has been a drastic change of climate, agriculture, and modes of public and local transportation too.

Hitchhike on Global Scale

But due to political instability in African nations of Sudan, Somalia, Central African Republic, Nigeria, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), South Sudan conditions for foreign visitors isn’t the same as it used to be earlier.

But in initial days of hitchhiking quoted by some travel hitchhiker’s hand is held with the palm facing upwards.

While in the European nation of Netherlands, Poland, Ireland and the US most hitchhiker’s stands with their back facing the direction to travel and extends the arm towards the road with the thumb of a closed hand pointing towards the direction of the vehicle is traveling.

Obligatory rule

In Countries as in North American nation of Cuba it’s mandatory for governmental vehicles to pick up hitchhikers if sufficient space is available from certain pick-up points.

From the North American nation of Cuba to the heavily fortified nation of Israel. The mainstream rule of hitchhiking changes or varies

Hitchhiking also embeds with carpooling. So exactly what is it????

Carpooling usually is sharing of car journeys so that more than one person travels in a car, and minimizes the need for others to have to drive to a location themselves in sharing/switching the driver seats alternately.

Obligatory rule


In Israel several designated spots/place known as Trempiyadafrom where hitchhikers could get a ride via passing vehicles

But in Israel hitchhiking is done by pointing to the ground with a hand far away from the body instead of raising the thumb which differs from the shorthand language used in some mainstream African nations.

Tips & Tricks for Hitchhiking

Slow Spot

Finding a perfect spot isn’t that easy as it seems to be for a hitchhiker, as a stranger pretends to ignore company during travel for quite obvious reasons and due to insecurities.

So finding a spot where the car slows down, it gives an adequate advantage to portray your perfect image and further eradicate the dilemma of any dissenting concern about a hitchhiker.


Always ask for it around the places where there are less chances of having any engagement of vehicles

Sign Game

There’s a lot of debate regarding the use of sign, but undoubtedly it is the best medium of communication between hitchhiker & person and pro-hitchhiker usually suggests for switching different transport medium until he/she reaches the final destination of a journey instead of one go!!!

Sign Game

Don’t be a mainstream itinerant

Proper physical posture & face cut could grab positive attention, so well-trimmed beard for men and less provoking dress is a requisite during hitchhiking for women

And no strangers want to pick up an eerie-looking & awful smelling hitchhiker!!!!

Smile and Fine

I was quite struck with a dilemma when mostly in Asian countries hitchhiker’s usually paid the driver but not all are the same as it looks to be. A positive smile could do what money can’t do and further, it motivates some to pick up other hitchhikers.

But in European countries mostly the Scandinavian ones are the sweetest as they often turned down your request of paying for their gas/fuel and want only just a good company!!!

However, it’s better to say Thank You!!! As a goodwill gesture.


Hitchhiking is optional for sure but not for daily budget traveler’s but in my personal opinion it should be avoided for different instances as many people are quite unaware of any strangers

What most of us are unaware of about the physical and mental attributes of any stranger!!!!

There were several instances where people became too violent and harass their co-traveler.

But apart from any destructive criticism,there are some pros for it too. As it encourages more to look at hitchhikers with more empathy and less terrorized further adding more social engagements.

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