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  • Talking about In-Flight Wi-Fi connection speed and efficiency is a matter of concern between users. Nowadays you and I being always connected to Social Media Platforms to gain market opportunity and audience engagement.
  • In-Flight Wi-Fi attracts a lot of Influencers and Marketers to promote and advertise their commodities. So Airline Company makes sure engagement between marketer and customer and builds customer relationship between you and me.
  • So the need for In-Flight Wi-Fi providing sources has gained a great pace in this field from the mid 90’s era.

“The airplane stays up because it doesn’t have the time to fall.”

Orville Wright 

How in-Flight Wi-Fi actually Works?

Ground Station Network                                                                  

Antenna picks up signal from ground station but have certain limitations

Satellite Network

(Satellite based company such as Inmarsat satellite, Viasat & Gogo provides In-Flight Wi-Fi services at affordable tariff plans)

Certainly cost of operation of In-Flight Wi-Fi is far more than ground station network companies. Mostly airline charges some $ per hour experience but some too provide it for free such as

Sooner airlines such as Kuwait Airways and Sri Lanka Airlines have been planning to implement In-flight Wi-Fi services.

List of some Airlines/GSM internet access

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  • Air Asia-Some 30+ aircraft have In-flight Wi-Fi chat service and expanding in exponentially in coming years since 2020

Price: – $2 for 3 MB of data use and $4.5 for 10 MB least internet usage which excludes YouTube/Apps downloads.

  • American Airlines-Domestic operating flights usually have in-Flight Wi-Fi service within the United States of America under certain tariff plans. Long Haul International flights Wi-Fi is available on some 787 Dreamliner and 777-200 Aircraft.

Price: – $12 for 2 hours,$17 for 4 hours For Long Haul International Flights. While domestic flights provides 24 hours of access while traveler had to pay $49.95 for (monthly subscription)

Price: – 20 MB free access to all A380s fleet. 150 MB for $9.99 and 500 MB for $15.99. Free internet access is provided for First Class and Business class passengers during the entire flight path duration.

  • Japan AirlinesIn-Flight Wi-Fi service is available for JAL at some selected routes especially on long-haul flights to Frankfurt, Chicago, New York.

Price: – $10.15 for 1 hour $14.10 for 3 hours, $18.80 for 24 hours.

Price: – Tariff plans generally depend on the passenger’s network provider’s International roaming charges.

  • Turkish Airlines:-Fleets of B777-300ER and some A330-300s are embedded with modern day In-flight Wi-Fi service

Price: – Economy class has to pay about $9.99 per hour $14.99 for 24 hour flight duration.

In-Flight Wi-Fi advertising!!! How it’s done?

In-Flight Visual experience

In flight visual experience on seatback screens having a run time of about 15-60 seconds which have the tendency to gain a lot of customers for their commodity on airplane are advertising.

  • Visual Platform– Seatback Screens
  • Medium– Live TV and ads on OTT platforms
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Long Haul In-Flight Broadcast

Broadcast on seatback screens usually range from 5-10 minutes in long flight path duration is quite potent to broadcast message for grabbing audience

  • Visual Platform- Seatback Screens
  • Medium– Live TV and ads on OTT platforms
pexels anugrah lohiya 723240

Aircraft Shrouds

Seatback screens visual experience has become too mainstream media for displaying advertisements and commercials. Banners on exterior fuselage can grab too much of attention!!!

  • Visual Platform- Aircraft Fuselage
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Customer –Satisfaction is the key for a cut above Advertising!!!

In-Flight service

  • Onboard Wi-Fi plays a vital role in the survival of advertising agency/forums. Better and optimized browsing on mobile devices provides a certain elevation to the opportunity.

Kids comfort

  • Certain airlines such as Turkish Airlines put more focus on using sustainable resources for new in-flight toys from organic sources. The satisfaction of a teenage group tends to attract a lot of companies to promote their artifact provided in-flight advertisement.

In-Flight warriors

  • The In-flight lineup of all hired men/women behavior being antagonistic can cause a decline in customer satisfaction. Hence friendly cabin-crew is always welcomed and appreciated

Where developing country like India does stands for In-Flight Internet Connectivity????

  • Firstly, operation and connectivity about 10,000 ft. height are quite challenging for technology. But in the recent past, a certain venture taken by Tata Group as Nelco Ltd. in partnership with Panasonic Avionics Corp has taken the initiative for the purpose.
  • At present airline company such as Vistara fleet of A321 and B787 has to offer onboard Wi-Fi connectivity to its passenger. In-Flight Wi-Fi internet connectivity will be available free of cost for a limited period of time. During this time Vistara will gather overall customer user experience for future aspects.

The Future of In-flight promotion/commercials (Conclusion)

The real deal with In-flight Wi-Fi connectivity is lack of internet access via satellite due to geographical location and position of aircraft. But in near future companies such as Viasat and Gogo could surely eliminate such problems for better In-flight Wi-Fi connectivity and will surely help in better endorsements of their product to attract more and more customers

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