When will Starlink be Available?

When Will Starlink be Available ?

When will Starlink be Available?

Starlink ??? Various readers would come across a different scenarios when Starlink word pops up on the screen. But several blog post reader couldn’t deny the fact that Starlink reminds of some kind of intergalactic sci-fi superhero.

When will Starlink be Available?

Hahahaha!!!! Well it’s not that as it sounds to be

So what is Starlink???

In the late 19th century and mid 20’s,there was a sudden boom in technology especially in the Cold war era (1947-1991) between the Soviet Union & United States of America so the race of putting a giant leap in space exploration had already begun since the launch of Soyuz 1 of Soviet Space program on 23rd April 1967 to first human lunar spaceflight mission to the moon on 20th July 1969 taking Commander Neil Armstrong and Lunar module pilot Buzz Aldrin became the first person to step onto the lunar surface.

Since then telecommunication tech boosted for better connectivity in the ground network station

Starlink is a communication satellite network by American made SpaceX company initially the idea was encapsulated in 2015.

So what is Starlink???

From November 2018 SpaceX received US regulatory authority to deploy 7518 broadband satellites with the addition of 4425 approved earlier in 2016 by FCC (Federal Communication Commission).

As of 25th November 2020,SpaceX has launched 955 satellites with addition to 60 more from indigenous two-stage mid-lift launch vehicle Falcon 9 developed and manufactured by SpaceX.

Why is it needed as of now??

Starlink is a mega-constellation of satellite provider Internet Company built by Elon Musk Company SpaceX. Initially,it was launched as the largest satellite internet constellation since May 2019 with the goal of 30,000 + satellites creating mega-clusters of satellites.

As of June 2020, Canada regulatory authorities issued a license to offer Starlink high speed internet services.

Why is it needed as of now??

I’ll cut short it basically it’s a satellite-based internet access service developed by SpaceX for high-speed internet connectivity across the globe from anywhere to everywhere.

The main goal embedded with technology is to provide high-speed internet connectivity to underserved areas of the planet which are less accessible to internet services.

Where it all started????

Since June 2015 from its product development to the first prototype launched in 2016, but due to authorization problem shifted to 2018 launching first two prototype namely MicroSAT-2A and MicroSAT-2 renaming after famous cartoon character Tintin as Tintin A and Tinitin B.

Where it all started????

Finally,the date arrived on 22nd February 2018 it was launched from a Falcon 9 space rocket which became a giant leap in the field of wireless internet connectivity

Cyber-Tech Wars & Rivalry

Latest news from different sources suggests that SpaceX competitor Amazon has also set up a milestone in the field of satellite-based internet access services and already completed its initial phase of product development. Amazon answers to SpaceX by delivering 400 Mbps of internet speed connectivity.

In its prototype phase named as Project Kuiper named after a circumstellar disc extending from the orbit of Neptune similar to an asteroid belt and 20X more widely and 200X more massive. Amazon clearly stated it prioritizes for balancing between transmit and receiving capabilities with an initial clock speed of 400 + Mbps

Cyber-Tech Wars & Rivalry

 But race is not over yet for SpaceX

SpaceX has already started their internet broadband service to its beta customers with an initial speed of 50-200 Mbps.

Further enhancing from 2021 summer and providing cheaper internet tariff plans presented under FCC (Federal Communication Commission) authority.

The Real Deal-Availability

Elon Musk Company SpaceX and Starlink program has initially started its services to beta customers on (26th October 2020) will be pass throughout the world bylate of 2021. But despite Covid-19 pandemic situation the pace of deploying satellites in orbit has declined since December 2019

Availability in India

Elon Musk tweeted through his Twitter handler account of 2nd November 2020 as

Availability in India

“AS SOON AS WE GET REGULATORY APPROVAL. HOPEFULLY AROUND MIDDLE OF NEXT YEAR’’ which could take as long as of mid2021 for its final approval.


As Jio announced its 5G service launch news speculated and is believed to launch in the second half of 2021, revealed by Chairman & Managing Director Mr.Mukesh D Ambani on December 2020 under self-reliant Atmanirbhar Bharat Policy.

But are we sure, we are ready for this some sort of Sci-Fi Starlink tech in our country even though there are numerous internet providing services and company.

Video by Luiz Gustavo from Pixabay

Initially,it cost of setup is about $499 and the monthly tariff of $99

Do you think an average and a decent earning person could bear these expenses???

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